An arts and crafts teacher's experience from the #99daysofskething 2018 challenge.

When I first heard about the #99daysofsketching challenge last year, I was totally unaware about what I should sketch. People around me advised I could sketch anything and everything. But since it was my first time, I wanted to make it memorable. So after pondering upon few ideas, I decided to follow a theme. After looking around me, I found that I have a lot of interesting stories or conversations with children which people would love to read about. So with all my sketching stationery all set around me, I started sketching about each conversation with different children daily for quite some time. But after a while, I started getting caught up with work and it was almost impossible for me to finish this challenge. But lot of my friends and followers started messaging me that they were missing my posts and stories and motivated me to keep on going. Finally, long after the challenge was over for most of the people one fine day I finished the challenge. It gave me immense happiness and I was contented that I managed to finish the challenge and my sketches made me happy and also the people who viewed them liked them as much. I am looking forward for this year's challenge too and hoping that I can manage to keep up to the expectations of everyone as well as mine!

I teach Art and Craft to kids whenever I get some time and my interactions with them are very entertaining. I shared such interesting experiences with different kids for 99days through illustrations and sketches on my page. 

#day01 Aparna - #99daysofsketching 2018 challenge

On #day01 I shared a sketch of Aparna who was 4 years old and she loved the color Pink. I drew a watermelon slice in her book and asked her to color it and she colored it in the brightest Pink she found in the color box. When I questioned her out of curiosity, what made her color the slice in pink. She replied curtly in an American accent (which she has developed by watching PogoTV) , "Teacher, there are PINK watermelons on my pants." I was so impressed with her brilliant observation and spontaneity.

#day81 - Araaish #99daysofsketching 2018 Challenge

On #day81 of #99daysofsketching challenge, I introduced 5 year old Araaish. She loved food and especially advised everyone to eat whatever their parents give them. She was a complete sweetheart but wild at the same time. She told me once about her food plan, "I want to eat a Rooster, as it's so noisy and once I eat it, I can wake everyone up by shouting Kuckdukoooooooo!" I don't know if she successfully ate a rooster or not, but she succeeded in making me deaf for a while after her 'Kuckdukooooo' moment.

Urvi Shah is a Toy and Game Designer who in her free time teaches arts and crafts to kids. She enjoys her conversations with kids and decided to use this as her inspiration for last year's #99daysofsketching challenge in 2018. We're excited to see what she does for this year's challenge. You can follow her on Instagram, her handle is @musingsbyurvi

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