Those Big Questions

What is the challenge?

To make art every day, for 99 days straight. To post your work on Insta, FB, or Tumblr, and update your progress with the day number eg: #day01 and tag #99daysofsketching.

When does it happen?

#99daysofsketching is an annual event. This year, it begins on July 1, 2019 worldwide.

99 days of sketching, it says. Can I doodle/paint/do anything other than sketch?

Sure! We started this as a sketching exercise, but we’re not particular at all. In previous years, we’ve had doodles, oil paintings, watercolours, digital art, and everything else you can imagine. So, pick up a pen or pencil or brush or whatever – and do precisely what you want to do.

Ermm…I procrastinate (sometimes). What if I miss out any day?

The aim of this challenge is to put procrastination where it belongs. Outside your door, in the pouring rain. But if you do miss a day, don’t worry, just continue from the next day.  This is why different people may finish their 99 days on different dates. However, in the interest of setting some guardrails, we ask that you don’t take more than 9 additional days to complete your challenge.

Great! Now motivate me some more.

To make this more exciting, we’ll have a total of 9 secret challenges by each of our mentor Artists. These secret challenges will be revealed every 11th day of the challenge. You’ll have to wait to find out what they are, but we suspect you’re going to like ’em!

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